Global Webinar on 'Advancements in ABA to Support Neurodiversity'


Join the conversation: Connect with like-minded professionals from around the world and share your insights on how we can better support neurodiverse individuals through ABA.

13th-15th April, 2023. Timing: 7.00PM-10.00PM

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Panel of Expert Speakers



Tamara Kasper


Geetika Agarwal


Joe Novak


Megan Miller


Manu Kohli

BE, MBA, PhD Candidate IIT, Delhi (New Delhi)

Radhika Poovayya

Director, Samvaad (Bangalore), MSc, BCBA Bangalore

Ashton Benedickt


Hollie Benincosa


global webinar

Hear from Industry Experts: Our lineup of Expert Speakers will share their insights and experiences on the latest advancements in ABA and how they are supporting Neurodiversity

Expand your knowledge: Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of neurodiversity and how ABA can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals on the spectrum

Take your practice to the next level, this Webinar will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you better support Neurodiverse individuals

Make a difference: By attending this webinar, you’ll be joining a global community of professionals dedicated to promoting inclusion and supporting the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals

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Join the Conversation: Connect with like-minded Professionals from around the World.

Expand your knowledge: Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of neurodiversity and how ABA can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals on the spectrum.

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‘Advancements in ABA to Support Neurodiversity’ QABA CEUS

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Global Webinar on 'Advancements in ABA to Support Neurodiversity'

Event Schedule - 13 April 2023

7.00 PM IST Radhika Poovayya, Director, Samvaad (Bangalore)

 Welcome Address

7.05 PM IST Siri Ming PhD., BCBA-D (USA) RFT, VB and EIBI, Oh My!

Dr. Siri Ming has been working and playing in the space between RFT and Skinnerian VB for the past 15 years, and is here to say that we can all be better together. In this address, she presents a user-friendly introduction to RFT and the basic premise that relational frames are generalized, contextually-controlled patterns of arbitrarily-applicable derived relational responding. Through a brief tour of research and applications of RFT to EIBI, she discusses the importance of derived relational responding and the transformation of function through relational networks to the development of generative language. With examples and tools from her own practice, she shows practitioners how RFT and Skinnerian VB can be integrated in early intervention programs to powerful effect.

8.00 PM IST Tamara Kasper, CCC-SLP, BCBA (USA) Teach-Play-Say: Improving engagement and communication with Social Play Chains

Difference is the saliency and value of social stimuli can be measured in the autistic toddler. Creatinga social environment that honors indicating responses for likes/dislikes can improving the value of social stimuli and increasing the rate and variety of indicating responses or communicative attempts. Increase in these indicating responses (e.g., eye gaze, approach, gesture, vocalization) is correlated with improved language outcomes (Topping, et al. 2013) and learner cooperation (Shillingsburg, Bowen & Shapiro, 2014; Shillingsburg, Hansen & Wright, 2019.) This session will review development through a behavioral an developmental lens, and methods to effectively condition social stimuli via behavior chains in play as a basis for formal manding and intraverbal responding will be discussed.

9.00 PM IST Geetika Agarwal, BCBA-D (USA)

Reaching Across the Aisle: Interdisciplinary toolkit for a behaviour analyst

Event Schedule - 14 April 2023

7.00 PM IST Joe Novak – EdD, CCC-SLP, BCBA-D (USA)

An Overview of PEAK and lessons learned
PEAK (Promoting Emergence of Advanced Knowledge) is an evidence-based assessment with a corresponding curriculum. PEAK is based on traditional ABA approach combined with the science of Derived Relational Responding, which teaches the ability to make relations between concepts. Dr Joe will cover the basic conceptual frame work and the his experiences using the tool.

8.00 PM IST Megan Miller PhD, BCBA -D, LBA (USA)

The Social Validity of Centering Autistic Voices and practicing Flexibility in ABA Interventions.

In this presentation, Dr. DeLeon (Miller) will explore the power of a strengths-based approach and person-centered planning. By centering the experiences and perspectives of disabled individuals, we can create more equitable and inclusive spaces that honor the diverse strengths and contributions of all people. Together, we can work towards a world where disability is celebrated as an essential part of our human diversity, and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. By focusing on an individual’s strengths and positive attributes, behavior analysts can identify key areas for growth and development while also celebrating the unique qualities and assets of each person. This presentation aims to help behavior analysts, parents, and related service providers build more collaborative and empowering relationships with the individuals they serve, while promoting positive and lasting change in their lives

9.00 PM IST Manu Kohli - BE, MBA, PhD Candidate IIT, Delhi (New Delhi)

Managing Autism from Detection to Intervention with Artificial Intelligence

Event Schedule - 15 April 2023

7.00 PM IST Radhika Poovayya, Director, Samvaad (Bangalore)

Presenting the journey of Samvaad clients. Where they are today.

8.00 PM IST Ashton Benedickt, BCBA (USA)

From Puzzle Pieces to People: How Neurodiversity is Revolutionizing ABA.

The Neurodiversity movement has gained significant attention in recent years as a social movement advocating for the recognition and acceptance of neurological differences. This movement is transforming how we understand and support autistic individuals and has important implications for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This presentation will explore the impact of the Neurodiversity movement on ABA, including the limitations of the traditional medical model of disability and the potential benefits of adopting a social model-oriented approach to disability. We will take a closer look at the range of neurodivergent experiences within the autism spectrum, common misconceptions surrounding autism, and the key terminology and concepts related to neurodiversity. Additionally, we will discuss strategies for adapting ABA interventions to align with the principles of neurodiversity and prioritize neurodiversity-affirming care. Attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of valuing the perspectives of neurodivergent individuals and their families in care decisions, as well as the role of ABA practitioners in promoting neurodiversity affirming attitudes and practices.

9.00 PM IST Hollie Benincosa (USA)

QABA Credentialing Board: Strengthening the quality of ABA Service delivery through International Certification

10.00 PM IST Radhika Poovayya, Director, Samvaad (Bangalore)

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