Aphasia Therapy

Aphasia Therapy Clinic

Since 2011, Samvaad Institute has been dedicated to providing FREE speech and language therapy for patients with aphasia. Aphasia is a communication disorder that arises from damage to specific parts of the brain responsible for language processing. It often occurs suddenly after a stroke or head injury, impacting the individual’s ability to express themselves, understand language, read, and write.

Understanding Aphasia and Recovery

Recovery from aphasia is a gradual process that involves rewiring intact areas of the brain and stimulating them to function together. To maximize recovery potential, it is recommended that patients receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy weekly, supplemented with home practice.

In recognition of the importance of communication recovery for individuals with aphasia, Samvaad Institute offers free one-hour therapy sessions daily at our institute.

Teleconsultation Services

We also provide teleconsultation services for clients with Neurogenic Communication Disorders, conducted by Associate Teaching Professor Ramani Voleti, M.S., CCC-SLP/BC-ANCDS, and her students at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA.

Our Services

We offer speech-language therapy for various conditions, including:

  • Aphasia (Loss of language post-stroke or head injury)
  • Dysarthria (Unclear speech post-stroke or head injury)
  • Parkinson’s disease-related speech issues
  • Apraxia of speech

We utilize the latest evidence-based methods such as VNest (Verb Network Strengthening), SFA (Semantic Feature Analysis), PCA (Phonological Component Analysis), CAAST, Script Training, and MIT (Melodic Intonation Therapy) to enhance communication abilities.

Clinical Collaboration and Awards

Samvaad Institute has collaborated clinically with Syracuse University USA since 2015, incorporating two online meetings monthly to discuss therapy plans. This collaboration received the Meritorious Award for innovative technology use at the American Speech and Hearing Association conference in 2017.

Meet Our Faculty

  • Radhika Poovayya, MSc, BCBA (Head of Department)
  • Bhagya Nair, MASLP, MSc (Dysphagia)
  • Konika Kakar, MASLP
  • Amulya, MSc (Speech)
  • Gurudas, MASLP

At Samvaad Institute, we are committed to providing comprehensive and effective therapy to enhance communication and improve the quality of life for individuals with aphasia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speech therapy aims to rewire brain pathways to retrieve language post-stroke, improving communication abilities through network building and adaptation strategies.

Yes, speech therapy can be effective even after 1 year, emphasizing evidence-based approaches and intensive therapy hours.

Yes, speech therapy can facilitate language recovery by rewiring brain networks, typically achieving a significant improvement in communication ability.

Family involvement is crucial, aiding in communication strategies and creating a supportive environment for clients to express themselves effectively.