Swallow Therapy

Swallowing Therapy

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Swallowing is a complex process that involves precise coordination of muscles and structures from the lips to the stomach. When this process is disrupted due to anatomical or physiological issues, it can lead to swallowing difficulties known as dysphagia. At our clinic, we offer specialized services to assess and treat swallowing disorders in both children and adults.

Signs Your Child Might Need Swallowing Therapy

If your child exhibits any of the following signs during eating or drinking, it may indicate a need for swallowing therapy:

  • Refusal to eat or drink
  • Choking or coughing while eating
  • Vomiting during meals
  • Taking excessively long to finish meals
  • Food or liquid coming out through the nose
  • Previous cleft lip and palate repair
  • Dependency on feeding tubes
  • Oral or pharyngeal trauma
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Persistent coughing while swallowing

When to Consult a Swallowing Therapist

For adults, swallowing therapy may be necessary in the following situations:

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation after head and neck cancer surgery
  • Swallowing difficulties after a stroke
  • Coughing with liquids like water or hot beverages
  • Dependency on feeding tubes
  • Painful swallowing
  • The sensation of food stuck in the throat
  • Food regurgitation through the nose
  • After chemotherapy or radiation for head and neck cancer
  • Swallowing issues associated with aging

Our Approach to Swallowing Therapy

Our experienced Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), also known as swallowing therapists or deglutologists, offer comprehensive services including:

Clinical Swallow Examination: This involves various assessments such as cervical auscultation, water swallow tests, subjective scales of swallowing assessment, and clinical observation of the oral intake process.

Swallowing Therapy: We provide evidence-based swallowing therapy strategies tailored to each individual’s needs. Our therapists offer feedback and guidance to achieve a safe and efficient swallow.

If you or your child are experiencing swallowing or feeding difficulties, our clinic is here to help. Our team of experts will assess the underlying causes and develop a personalized treatment plan to improve swallowing function and enhance quality of life.