Integrated ABA & Speech Therapy

Integrated ABA and Speech Therapy

integrated aba and speech therapy

As Radhika Poovayya, the Director is both a speech pathologist and a behaviour Analyst, Samvaad offers an effective treatment package including managing behaviour and increasing communication skills called the integrated ABA and speech therapy sessions.

ABA gives strategies for holding child’s attention and keeping child motivated to learn. This is most effective as children on the autism spectrum are not motivated to speak. For all the barriers that children with autism have, ABA gives us systematic procedures to break them down. Once a child can pay attention, language can be taught in a step-by-step manner. Hence every session is effective and learning happens in the child at a good rate. No session is wasted with the complaint that the child is not being cooperative. Speech therapists are not trained in gaining attention and motivation. A speech therapist can work on increasing vocabulary and sentences only if the child has achieved good attention