Voice of each individual is as unique as their finger print. Voice is produced by the vibration of the structure known as vocal folds in the larynx. When someone starts speaking, the air in their lungs moves, causing the vocal folds to move and producing sound.

When the vocal folds fail to vibrate synchronously on initiating voice it results in impaired voice production. The quality of your voice changes according to your age, excessive use of voice, psychological changes, various disease conditions and pathology. Any impairment that causes a change in your voice quality is understood as a ‘voice disorder’. 

The speech language pathologist at our center will be able to help you understand the reason for your change in voice through a detailed voice evaluation using subjective and objective voice assessment. In order to understand the physiology of your voice production we will be referring you to a nearby hospital for getting stroboscopic examination or a flexible endocscopicevaluation. This will help our expert to understand the reason behind voice change and will be able to suggest the treatment options available for improving your voice. 

At our institute , our voice expert can provide voice hygiene tips and voice therapy by using the evidence based practices. There are certain voice therapy exercises which can help to improve the approximation of the vocal folds, reduced the tension in your laryngeal area etc. Such kinds of vocal function exercises are provided by our voice expert at our institute.